Installing a Pocket Door

>> Friday, December 31, 2010

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So I have decided to install a pocket door, which I have never done anything like this before!! This will help us so when we walk past our dining area, the door will not swing in our way. Plus, we have never liked these doors. Here are some photos so far!


The door before Demo!

Inside Laundry Room

Demo Time!!!

Vaughan 13030/V5 V5 Hammer
Time to remove the studs without damaging my drywall on the other side. I do not want to redo the Sheetrock, would be too hard to match the texture, and paint and so on...

After a long battle, all the 2x4's are removed,
without damaging the drywall on the other side!

The framing for the new rough opening is complete.
Now I am waiting on FedEx to deliver my Pocket Door Frame/Hardware. Then I hope by next week Home Depot will have my door that we ordered. It will match the other doors in our house. Pretty good to find a matching door for as old as our house is!

UPDATE! Pocket Door Frame is IN!

Johnson Pocket Door Frame

Stay Tuned for more updates on this project!


patio door locks July 20, 2012  

You guys did a great job!

i can do that myself, i think August 14, 2012  

How were you able to remove the studs without damaging the other wall? this isOur next project and the part I'm worried about the most.

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